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RI Asia 2021 | November 8th - 11th

How Asia is responding to the global ESG regulatory shift, and plotting its path

From key ASEAN countries to their neighbouring big economies such as China and India, governments and regulators across Asia are accelerating the market infrastructure for green and sustainable finance.

Malaysia and Singapore are responding to global green taxonomy debates by rolling out a series of policies aimed at encouraging both issuers and investors to integrate sustainability factors into their decision-making.

South Korea, Taiwan and India are drawing up roadmaps towards the mandatory reporting of sustainability-related information.

China, an early adopter of green finance along with Hong Kong, is now expanding its influence within the global central bank body, the Network for Greening the Financial System, and the G20’s sustainable finance study group.

And ASEAN countries are collaborating on setting their own ESG standards and country/regional green taxonomies.

The global surge of net-zero CO2 emission commitments by countries, corporates and investors will be key, unavoidable factors for economic growth across the region for decades to come.

Local and foreign investors welcome Asia’s green/sustainability transition. However, they are concerned with limited ESG-related information and high social and governance risks. On the flip side is the question mark over how sustainability can foster economic growth across Asia.

Many questions need to be answered for companies and investors to confidently navigate this rapid change.

This autumn, Responsible Investor, the market-leading independent media specialised in ESG and sustainable finance, will facilitate those high-level discussions critical to advance Asia’s future economy.

At RI Asia 2021, institutional investors, regulators, business leaders and other key players in ASEAN and East Asian countries will share their vision, plans and best practice.

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