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Lead Sponsor - Sustainable Fitch

Sustainable Fitch is the first global ESG Ratings solution for all asset classes at an entity and instrument level built entirely and exclusively to help the ESG financial community make smarter decisions. Our focus is, and will always be, on providing transparent, objective and substantive data that enables confidence in decision-making.

To best serve our clients and partners, Fitch realised that it would be necessary to build an entirely new product of objective ESG data and analysis, focusing on consistency, comparability, coverage and granularity. Leaning on our expertise in best-in-class analytics and research, and reputation for transparency and integrity, our team of leading ESG experts came together to bring the financial community a robust and comprehensive ESG data and analysis solution.

Powered by the human insight that has differentiated Fitch for over 100 years, Sustainable Fitch brings experience and heritage to help the financial community make smarter decisions, using the best ESG information available.

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Marina Petroleka

Global Head of ESG Research 


Sing Chan Ng

Co-Head of Asia-Pacific Business and Relationship Management


Helen Wong

Senior Director, Investors


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